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So how about that Bates Motel season finale

It was a busy night for Norman and Norma. Spoilers ahead.

Miss Watson picking up Norman in the rain made me immediately think of that song by The Police. Do you think she was trying to seduce Norman like Head Mother was saying?


Meanwhile he's blowing off one of the few good influences he has - Emma. (Is it just me or does she look like she could be Clara Oswald's younger sister?)

As for Norma, she and Dylan bonded over a shooting lesson. Even with his issues, Dylan is the only one in the family consistently acting like an adult.

The sheriff shows Norma that he is the law in town. That sort of makes up for him being so clueless about his own deputy.


The show was renewed for another season so Norman and Norma will be back. Meanwhile Longmire starts up next Monday.

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