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So...how about that episode of Warehouse 13

No posts yet about Warehouse 13? Let's consolidate our spoilery thoughts here.

  • Did everyone catch the Dexter reference?
  • The little girl Adelaide is well on her way to becoming a Warehouse agent in about 20 years. I'd like to see an episode set in the future with the grown-up Adelaide working for the much-feared Ms. Donovan. (But with only a few episodes left that won't happen.)
  • The Warehouse is becoming like the TARDIS. Is it the source of Mrs. Frederick's powers? Will Claudia inherit those powers when she becomes the caretaker?
  • They're still keeping the HG/Myka relationship open to interpretation. Read into it whatever you want.

Otherwise the episode was pretty meh. Nothing special (aside from HG) but not bad either.

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