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So how is everybody doing on their New Year's resolutions?

I am still eating junk food. I probably won't start the diet thing until the middle of next month. There is a chocolate thing at the club and I'll probably make something for that, and I'll have to test it first, right? And also, my friend is making one of his special dinners next month, so I'll wait until after that is over.

And while technically most of the holiday stuff is now in boxes, they aren't in the right boxes. They just aren't organized very well, but I just had to put them away Tuesday whether they were organized or not. So, I should get everything out and try it again.


Also I haven't tossed a single item of clothing yet.

So basically, I haven't done anything yet. Just I haven't done the diet thing yet on purpose. The rest I haven't done yet just because...well, I haven't a reason, I just haven't done the rest yet either.

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