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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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So I finally caught up with And Now His Watch Has Ended

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Yeah. Just wanted to espouse some stuff. Spoilers beyond the cut and all that!

Let's get some minor stuff out the way:

  • Man, the look on Brienne's face at the start of this episode. Fantastic. She's just like 'WHAT THE BALLSING BALLS IS GOING ON!?'
  • TV!Jaime seems a lot more competent a leftie than Book!Jaime was, as I remember. Wasn't he meant to be practically useless? He was rather kickass for a moment there.
  • Lena Headey continues to amaze me with her eyebrows. I don't think I can see her in any other role than 'The Eyebrows attached to Cersei Lannister'.
  • What the hell is it with Burn Gorman randomly showing up as a bit of a dick these days? TDKR, GoT... goddammit Owen, be cool.

But let's get to the best part, and dare I say the best bit of Season 3 so far:

Not gonna lie, after Season 2's Dany arc disappointed me so (although in all honest it wasn't that good in the book either, but still better than the show version), I was dreading this scene. I really didn't want them to mess up my favourite part of the books. In fact, I was quite ready to just not watch if they did, which is stupid, admittedly... but this is the moment that cemented Dany as my favourite character. I honestly did not know what I'd feel like if they fluffed it somehow.


But hoo BOY, did they do her justice!

Let's talk about faces again for a moment, because there's some killer expressions in this. Jorah as Dany walks away from Drogon, Missandei's sublime 'Awww shit!' headsnap when Dany speaks Valyrian, almost immediately followed by her even better 'Fuck YES' glance at Kraznys...


But yeah. This was just about as good (although the anal fanboy within was annoyed they subtitles it as 'A Dragon is not a slave', rather than 'A Dragon is no Slave') as the could have done. Emilia Clarke's already a pretty amazing looking lady, but there's something oddly enthralling about the way Valyrian rolls out of mouth. Oh my, my Lady Stormborn!

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