...and by "finished" I mean about 80%, all the main storyline, though there are a handful of side missions left open: Michael's journey to find spiritual enlightenment with the Sci— er, Epsilonians, Franklin's last assassination job for Lester, and Trevor's quest to find painkillers for you know who (assuming you've completed the game). I figure I'll save them for the inevitable expansion DLC, which I hope will continue their saga to some extent — for all the size of the game, it felt as if Rockstar left out a bunch of stuff.

Which got me to thinking: What major games have you never got around to finishing? Not 100% completion, just the main storyline. I can think of some big ones off the top of my head: GTA IV (couldn't finish the final battle, but figured I'd gotten my worth out of the game), Arkham Asylum (ditto; also Roid Rage Joker was kind of dumb), Fallout (quit playing for too long to get back in, despite nearly finishing the main story), Skyrim (boredom after weeks of play compounded with a character who wasn't balanced enough to get through the final dungeon). There's some major classics I don't remember finishing either: FFVII (morale blown after succumbing to penultimate boss on the edge of victory), Ocarina of Time (never got past the monastery in the desert), any of the Metal Gears (boss battle fatigue, also cutscene hatred), San Andreas (final gun battle on foot was impossible/tedious), and Resident Evil 4 (hated the control scheme as well as the QTE crap towards the end). I also never got around to the end of Shenmue, though that was mainly because I kept going to the arcade to play Space Harrier when I should have been avenging my father.