I was away for the last week, so that's why I saw it so late. So, I just saw it and...I liked it? I thought it was quite good, in fact.

I was reading io9's review and I'm still scratching my head. Barely better than Origins? It's a HUNDRED times better than Origins! No stupid fake-looking CG claws, for starters. I know a lot of people complain that the train looked fake, but it didn't jump out at me at all. Maybe the lack of 3d helped? The story is more coherent, the plot twists aren't as dumb - there is nothing, absolutely nothing, in this movie half as dumb as "special bullet that will make him lose his memory" or Dudepeel. No pointless, barely recognizable cameos to "please the fans". Every character that shows up has a purpose, even Jean Grey (I liked how they used her. Really liked it). And yeah, the pacing is slower than usual, but I thought it actually worked pretty well.

So yeah, I liked this movie. Was it a masterpiece? No. Does it rank among the best superhero movies ever? No. But is it a really fun ride that cleansed the taste of Origins from my mouth? Hell yeah.