Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Just some random thoughts, because it's late and my brain is shutting down... SPOILERS possible.

  • Synthesis ending reminds me of the ending to Yellow Submarine. Seriously, you could just play "It's All Too Much" over that.
  • Dream sequences in video games: Always irritating, never work.
  • Leviathan was pretty cool. I thought Omega was just okay, mainly because I couldn't take any of my people with me, which gave it the feeling of being divorced from the rest of the game. I would have liked to have seen some interactions between Aria and Liara or Garrus — anything that would have made it feel more integrated into the story. It had an episodic quality that recalled ME2's structure.
  • The Citadel DLC is quite nice. I will probably never complain about JRPGs focusing too much on narrative or characters, since I spent most of the time hanging out with the crew. Still, I couldn't get Miranda as a squad member. Was she a "guest star" only?
  • The ending(s) were okay — the Synthesis narration by EDI is rather sweet (even though the idea of machines and organics suddenly becoming suffused with magical green energy is rather silly. The Refusal is rather dark and ominous — I didn't even know about that one. (Feeds evidence that the Synthesis/Control endings are Indoctrination.)
  • Still, it would have been nice if the ending were more interactive, allowing you to follow the fates of your shipmates with something more than a pretty picture. Everyone whines that the ending to Return of the King was too long, but in all that time we'd gotten attached to the characters and wanted to see what happened to them.
  • The Normandy crashing on Yavin-4 is still pretty dumb.
  • I kept waiting for Buzz Aldrin to yell at the moon in the Epilogue. "You lousy rock!"
  • Curious to see how other games play out in the universe. Obviously we'd all rather see sequels (because PREQUELS = GARBAGE), but if they take that approach it'd be hard to see how they'd fit in with the continuity. Then again, lots of game sequels assume one particular ending, even if multiple options were available.
  • I guess now I finally have to give Dragon Age I & II another shot.

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