You see, it's the big island convention.
I have gone to this convention since it was turned from a Star Wars fan convention, to a general fandom convention.
Over the years it has had consistant awesome things in it, and guest (Man, I love taking a photo with Vic and getting my Angel of Death signed by Doug Jones), but this year feels meh.

I understand not having every time a full home run, but I feel that this year has been overhyped and really lacking quality.
Last year was ok cause we got people from DC(even getting a Capullo print), a lot of local artist coming out, and there were a lot of strong cosplayers having fun.
But the announcements of guests the that are coming, the oversaturation of brands, and less than acceptable mediums coming in(some stupid movie promo), just makes me less hyped and happy to go to it.
I understand something getting big, but this feels like it got too big, too fast.
So here is my problem:
Should I stay or should I go?
I would love to go, but the constant promotion and the brand saturation just doesn't make give me a safe feeling about it anymore.
Well, any thoughts?