Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So I have a problem can yall help?

So let me be honest with yall for a secound. I have Parkinson. Its not super bad it's only in my hands and you usually would not notice unless I am doing something that involves fine motor skills are lift something heavy. So here is the problem. My girlfriend wants to go to pottery tonight and paint pottery. She has seen my paintings and knows I like to paint. Problem is the only medicine for my Parkinson is alcohol. So if we paint I am gonna have to drink, a lot. I feel like I am in a no win situation. It's either I drink a lot and paint and it's fine even thought she isn't particular fond of me drinking heavily are I go and I am flicking paint everywhere. I fell like I can't get out of this because last weekend I took her to pro wrestling and she was such a good sport about it. I am just gonna have to bite the bullet and do this but I am just worried, concerned, I don't know what's the best word for this situation but I am not as happy as I would be if we where doing something that where I wouldn't be held back or at least self conscious about. Any advice?


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