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So I have a sock problem...

...in addition to my aforementioned Supernatural t-shirt problem. Like, I'm COMPLETELY addicted to socks; it's a comfort thing. Having the right pair of cozy socks—especially if they're stripey and match with my outfit—sets everything proper and correct in my universe, even if it's only for a little while. If I can match that with a sweater and a pair of fingerless gloves, then I'm in heaven.

And yes, autumn *is* my favourite season, which I'm sure come as a shock to no one.


Anyway, I was on my favourite sock website (yes, I have more than one), Sock Dreams, with just the intention of buying rainbow stripey socks to wear for Pride next month—-and suddenly I find myself in the midst of a sock-and-glove frenzy. And I already have a scrillion pairs of each.

But anyway...if anybody needs socks or anything for costumes—this place is lovely and wonderful and I throw too much damned money at them but they deserve it.

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