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So I just finished Battlestar Galactica

And I enjoyed it, but... that last episode. Huh.

I guess I'm just a little confused. I have no problem with the whole god thing being left open. I had a strong fantasy background before I got into scifi, so I can accept the idea of there being an Unexplained Something guiding events. (I'm also not an atheist, so it's not totally ridiculous to me.) But I would have liked a little more explanation. Like:

Why was Hera so important? Assuming the fleet made it to Earth eventually, there would have to be a Mitochondrial Eve at some point. As long as Colonial/Cylon society didn't totally separate itself from Earth society, it would happen. It's like God/Future Baltar and Future Six looked back and said "well, this girl was Mitochondrial Eve so clearly she's important and we need to make sure she survives" when the answer to "why is she important?" is "because she's Mitochondrial Eve". This logic doesn't make sense.


What was the deal with Kara? Honestly, any explanation there would have been nice, even a hint of one. Also, "everyone settles down and sows the seeds of a future civilization before dying of old age/disease/antelope stampede" isn't exactly a Harbinger of Doom-type fate. That's like if I go to a fortune teller and she tells me "I'm so sorry, but you're going to die soon" and then I die of heart disease at the age of 75 surrounded by my family because really, 50+ years is soon in the grand scheme of things.

Brother Cavil's suicide seemed really out of character to me. Seriously? This dude has been scheming for the last four years and now, in this particular bit of crossfire, he suddenly says "welp, no getting out of this one!" and shoots himself? Mm-hmm. Okay. I get that maybe he wanted to go out on his own terms, but I would have expected him to hang on as long as humanly (cylonly?) possible.

And perhaps most importantly: Why did Lee's hair get so fucking stupid after he went into government? Seriously dude, does Colonial One have a strict no-hair gel policy or something?

Anyway, a few loose ends aside, I really liked the series as a whole. Big thanks to everyone who recommended it to me. Next up: Buffy.

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