Well, for a show io9 has been hyping for weeks, it really wasn't the kind of can't-miss thrill I was expecting. It wasn't bad - the mystery is intrguing, the set-up is new and different, and there are some character I like (Doreen the blonde, and the Army guy) But I have three big problems:

A) The writing for the women characetrs that aren't Doreen sucks. 90% of their talk was about Doctor Protagonist. Did they really have to give them a rivalry over the same guy, and give the Walker, the one person which seems crucial to the mythology of the show, the "cheated her husband with his brother" bacstory? Also, why did the show push a possible relationship between Young Recruit and Doctor Protagonist? It seems totally unlikely, ansd despite what Doreen and Walker said, I see no hint she is attracted to him romantically. It felt like a forced triangle to me.

B) Doctor Hatake is way too much of a Cartoon Villain. He is foreign, speaks broken English, reveals his evilness in the first place, and has binders full of women! Like, how can any character not understand he is the Big Bad right from meeting him? At least Army Guy looks like a good guy. I was surprised once he reveals he is in league with Hatake. Also, why did Hatake call the CDC if he created the virus on purpose and everything was going according to plan?

C) But my main problem is that I doubt such a clausthrophhobic, closed set-up can carry a multi-season series. They either cure the virus, or they all get infected and become goo-zombies. And since there is only about 200 people in the base, this ain't going to take long. The set-up for Helix is perfect for a mini-series or a movie, but for an actual series? I fear it's going to deviate from its premise very soon, by necessity.


I would love to have other thoughts on this though.