...and I would say it was pretty meh. The performances were good. Damon was his usual solid self, though I think Jodi Foster and Sharlto Copley kinda stole the show. Foster was frightfully frosty and Copley was delightfully over-the-top. It was a great dichotomy of villainy. I also thought it looked really cool. The special-effects, design, photography all evoked a similar feel as District 9, to good effect. Overall, however, the plot was a little sloppy and the allegory way too heavy handed. The ideas behind the character development hinted at something much more powerful and interesting than the Rich vs. Poor, and it is Damon's journey that also reminds me very much of Wikus' in District 9, but overall I would say it just didn't work.

The more-fantasy-than-science-fiction technology is something I can forgive when it's used well but in this film I just couldn't let a lot of the technical voodoo slide. I will say that the world he built on Earth is breathtaking in its decrepitude. It's possibly the most believable part of the film.