It's actually good. Well, entertaining, at least. Tom Mison managed to charm me 15 minutes in, so I'll definitely be watching again.

Imagine my surprise to when I looked him up on imdb and realized he was that guy from Parade's End.

Also, this is one of the most racially diverse shows I've ever seen, and the lead is a black woman! Between Abby, her boss, John Cho and the various supporting characters I'm quite impressed.

"So, the Civil War didn't wake you? I'd at least get up to pee every 80 years!" - best line. I love the heavy use of sarcasm!


I'm not sure the whole mystery thing won't get really old really fast, though. It'll definitely be hard to keep it up for more than one season. Of course they do hint they have a seven year plan.

So, there's one more show than I was actually planning on watching this season.

(It's Monday, of course Kinja isn't fucking working. )