Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So I kickstarted 7 Days to Die, a Zombie/Minecraft thing; it just got funded today...

...and man, some of the folks who funded it are losing their shit over the wait for the key distribution. They are seriously losing it over there...


Basically, the Devs said they'll try and distribute the keys on the 16th, once Kickstarter takes and funds and does its confirmation thing.


So that comes and goes at Midnight US times or 7am here in the UK.

Afer what seems like 30 seconds after the deadline is passed, the comments start rolling in... "Where's my key!?!?!" "This is bullshit!" and my personal favourite "They've taken my money, I want my game!".

Some of it just appears to be ignorance on how Kickstart/Games distribution/RealLife works... but some of it is just plain retarded.

Man, if I was those Devs, i'd be almost glad if a comet struck the planet at this point... the herd needs a little thinning, I think. :(

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