First off, I know that many will refuse to see the movie and that’s perfectly fine by me. It’s a personal choice and let’s all be respectful of each other’s decision. As for the movie itself, spoilers ahead.

I try to approach movies on their own merits. Starship Troopers is one of my favorite books and I also like the movie a lot. But they are two very different things. Ender’s Game is a little different since if you already know the various twists it’s difficult to watch the movie without viewing everything through the lens of that knowledge.

I liked the book but it’s not one of my favorites, maybe because when I first read it I was carrying a lot of baggage from my own years of military school. The movie gets a similar rating from me. I liked it but it’s not going to be on my list of favorites.

Assorted thoughts:


  • The child-on-child violence was understandably toned down but changing what happens to Bonzo from a deliberate well placed kick to an accident changes the significance of that event on Ender in my opinion.


  • Graff would have probably come off as even more of a dick if he wasn’t played by someone like Harrison Ford, who makes Graff a little sympathetic.


  • We only see two battles in the Battle Room. I understand there wasn’t time for several set piece scenes in there but maybe a quick montage of battles before the climactic Battle Room sequence was doable.