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Yeah, I know, I should have waited on Thursday. But I'm busy Thursday, and today is a holiday.

It's exactly what I expected - dumb , explosive fun. A Roland Emmerich movie is either an entertaining riot or a an idiotic pile of garbage. This one is the former.


However, I think he dropped the ball on the fx in some scene. It's like he spent all his money rebuilding the White House interior perfectly in a Montreal studio, so when it came to CGI like the helicopter flying into Washington, he had to cut serious corners.

Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum make a great duo, but Tatum alone doesn't shine much. The guy is really good at delivering jokes and looking lost, but he doesn't have the action hero swagger of a Bruce Willis (which he is clearly emulating). Hollywood, stop pushing him as an action hero - keep him in straight comedies, he is good at that.

James Wood plays a nice villain, but he is in a role obviously written for Terence Stamp.

One thing though - can you American please stop referring to your President as "Leader fo the Free World?" It's pretty annoying, even insulting after a while.

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