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Damn, I forgot how much fun the year 43,582 is! oh, and bloody...yeah, don't forget, bloody. Plus, Mark Strong does the lead voice! Man, that voice is great. A walking tank with the voice of your favorite professor... I love this universe so much.

I remember reading a crossover fanfic with WH40k and Star Trek where basically the Trek universe is the 'Dark Age of Technology' and it was surprisingly deep, i remembered thinking.


Picard ended up having a serious crisis of conscience because, well, you're not allowed to mess with the future but here he has direct evidence that Humanity becomes a galaxy spanning xenophobic, mass-murdering theocracy on a unbelievable scale.

That's what i love about that universe; sometimes y0u get a story where the viewpoint is skewed and things are, well not utopic or anything but like 'humanity are just like us and they're simply struggling to survive in a hostile universe'....

...and then you get the other point of view where they sacrifice a hundred thousand people every day to keep their Emperor 'alive', perform genetic and doctrinal purges of their own population and generally make every vicious and oppressive government you've read about look like amateurs.

Yeah, nobody does grimdark like 40k...

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