... And I've already read a hundred pages. Holy shit you guys, I should've read this sooner! (super, super vague spoilers for up to Chapter 10 beyond the cut.)

I was already enjoying it as a clever, funny Star Trek parody - although I was honestly surprised at how gory it was willing to go in its description of some of the unfortunate Away Team's horrific deaths - but then man, the reveal at the end of chapter 9. That was good. That was so good.

I'm really finding it hard to put down, despite it being 2 in the morning here in the UK (huzzah student insomnia), which I've not done for a while with books - perhaps not since A Feast For Crows last year. Speaking of which, I'm also getting the same inevitable vibe of expecting horrible character death as I did reading A Song of Ice and Fire, but kind of in a good way, I guess? Like, I'm starting to get attached to the main little group of Dahl/Duvall/Hanson, but I just know that soon one of them is going to die, and it's making for oddly enjoyable 'tense' page turning. But yeah, so far, I'm really loving this book!