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So I watched Howard the Duck last night and it was way way diffrent than I remembered.

So last night I decided to watch Howard the Duck. I had not see it sense I was a kid. I have to say I enjoyed it more now as an adult than when I was a kid. Also holy cow that movie was PG and in the first 15 minutes there is nipples, albeit Duck nipples but still nipples. Then Howard gets a job at a hot tub massage parlor that is super porny and way over the top. Oh yeah and Leah Thompson totally tries to bang the shit out of Howard the Duck. I think we must have been way more relaxed about that stuff back then. I re watched Ghostbuster the other day and totally forgot about the ghost going down on Dan Aykroyd and that was rated pg as well. Was there any child hood movie you re-watch now as a kid and think wow that totally went over my head. Are that you can't believe your parents let you watch. I still believe my father only let me watch Howard the Duck so many times as a kid is because he had a thing for Leah Thomas. Which might explain why my mother took me to see all the Back to The Future movies.


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