Well I absolutely loved the new transformers ride. Hands down the best ride at Universal Orlando now. I wish I could have brought my five year old self there. His head would have exploded. It was so much fun and I really really enjoyed it. I also went to the new Simpsons land at universal. So good news bad news. Good news the Moe's Tavern look exactly like it does on the show including a little t.v. like they have and it only runs clips of the show that are in Moe's tavern. They also had a pay phone at the end of the bar that if you pick up has Bart making prank phone calls on. Also the bartender behind the bar did look a lot like Moe. They had a flaming Moe, No alcoholic, and three kinds of duff beer, Duff, Duff light, and Duff Dry alcoholic of course. Now bad news, the Duff beer is locally brewed and I figured oh that means it gotta be good. WRONG! It was terrible like yengling that went bad. Now I only had the duff light but I love beer and drink all kinds including the cheap stuff like miller high life and Pabst blue ribbon so when I say it's bad I MEAN IT! Maybe I will try the dry are regular next time and go from there. Also maybe they will get better at brewing it once it has been there awhile. Also bad news the statue of jebidiah wasn't up, lard lad isn't done and neither is the duff brewery bar they are making there. But when it's all done I think it will be a great addition to the park. Also I wish they had put a bar near the transformers ride with signature beers are drinks like Energon are The ALL Spark! That would be cool. Also if anyone want's to know more about the transformers ride let me know in the comments. Just didn't want to post any spoilers for people who didn't want them.