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So - I'm back from watching Space Jesus...

I'm, sorry. I mean Man of Steel.... Spoilers behind the cut....

Damn - how unsubtle can you be in hammering the Jesus analogy into our heads? Decision time under an image of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, huh? Specifically mentioning he's 33 when being crucifi... handed over to Zod. Does that make Russel Crow God?


And considering that the main topic of the whole thing was fighting determinism. Doing what you want to do and not what others tell you to do - Superman doesn't make one damn single decision for himself.

- Kal - I send you here because it is totally stupid how we tell everyone on Krypton what he has to do and be. Now put on that silly blue outfit and become the protector of earth!

- Yes Dad... Wait........

- Do what I tell you!

- Ms. Lane - do you think the world is ready for me?

- Uhm. No?

-OK. I'll go back hiding...

-Surrender, Kal-El!


Anyway - KNEEL BEFORE HAM! I mean - ZOD!


Dude - Calm down!


The action was good. I think. I didn't see much of it because someone wouldn't hold the damn camera still! God, I hate this shaky cam shit. And we all need to apologize to JJ Abrams. He as very moderate with his lens flares compared to Snyder.

And - sorry Jonathan Kent, you're an idiot.

- I go save the dog - clearly people would become suspicious if you do it, Clarke. Because clearly no human could achieve that, so... I'll go.


And if I don't make it, don't save me. People would probably not even notice in the middle of a fucking tornado, but... what the hell...

Oh - the main henchwoman was really good. (she's German, BTW ;) ) - had some silly lines to say, but I love how she conveys being evil with just a smirk while Zod chews the scenery like there's no tomorrow.


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