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So I'm Caught Up On Game of Thrones....

and I need somebody to explain why it's become this pop culture thing-of-the-moment. I don't entirely get it. Maybe because I can figure out the basic structure of the episodes, and therefore nothing surprised me. I like my shows to make me feel (i.e., cry), and I still haven't. {Spoilers} I mean, there's one thing I'll be mourning, but there was never a moment when I was so overcome with emotion, my heart ached. There's scene partners I like, and I'm generally rooting for certain people to have good ends, but I'm pretty sure Evil Superhoodie (the guy who played Simon on Misfits) explained this show the best when he told Theon Greyjoy (paraphrased) "You don't expect this to end happily, do you?" So the darker side of me is enjoying this ride.

I did cheer a bit when Jon Snow & Ygritte got together, and any time Arya was awesome (so, you know, often). Tyrian is great, but I've known for years that Dinklage is great, so that's less impressive. And yes, my heart swelled a bit when Daenerys, searching for her dragons, went through the door and into the tent where her hot husband held her cute baby, waiting for her. That first shot may be one of the sexiest things I've ever seen. Retta was spot-on about that one.


But really, let's just take a moment to be sad that we will no longer be able to stare at these beautiful locks:

I love that Jon Snow is off in Iceland, with straggly, raggedy-lookin' hair, and here's The Perfect Brother, who, though at war, is clearly living well, and getting home to a good shampoo every night. I think that says wonderful things about their characters, and I will never complain about boys with beautiful curls.

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