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God I forgot how much I loved that whole scene. Also, ass clown is the greatest insult ever.

After watching the movie, I really had to stop and think about why people thought it was so much less than the first movie. I completely adore Iron Man, more so than Iron Man 2, but the big fight at the end of Iron Man is a complete joke. We're waiting for a big showdown, and we sort of don't get that. Iron Man 2 goes the opposite direction. We get a huge showdown between Iron Man/War Machine and the Hammer Drones, then another nice big fight with Whiplash (which was almost changed to something else completely and THANK LUNA it wasn't, that other hostage scene was terrible).


In the end, the conclusion I came to was that, while Iron Man 2 is just fantastic in my mind, parts of it just happen to be forgettable once you have left the theater/room. Black Widow was nice to look at, but most of her scenes were unimportant. Justin Hammer is a great douchebag, but a villain he ain't. Finally, as much as I love the courtroom banter, it just doesn't make for something to really hype about the movie.

Although, I have to say I would watch three hours of Tony Stark calling people assclowns.

So what was it exactly, in your opinion? The final fights? Not enough assclowns? The aftercredits scene wasn't all that interesting this time around. I don't rightly remember what the big complaints were, but I loved Iron Man 2.

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