Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So it seems nocturnal panic attacks is a thing

I awoke roughly an hour and a half ago in what can only be described as a total and complete panic. There seems to be no cause for it as the dream I was in the midst of was nothing that could be considered scary in any way.

The panic was then made immediately worse by my cat who was freaking out about something she perceived to be outside on the porch. The growling of the cat, in addition to the existing panic kicked off the flight aspect of the fight or flight choice of responses resulting in what was likely the first example of the Doppler effect localized within an apartment as I quite loudly uttered 'what the fuck' repeatedly as I fled the room.

Upon reaching the hallway, the mind finally kicked in to gear, and I was able to rationally take stock of the situation. It is now after 6 in the morning, my heart has finally returned to non-heart attack levels of beating, and I still have no explanation for the panic instigation. Quite annoying as I have not once before felt less than perfectly safe while living here, and that's including the time last summer when a person was shot in the parking lot ten yards from my door. Fun.

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