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So it's been a month or so since I've finished Breaking Bad...

And it really was great, but there was one thing that bothered me about it. Spoilers in here.


It was this thing. The plane crash. It was just kind of pointless, wasn't it? I mean, so, Jane dies, her dad has a breakdown, he's an air traffic controller... And what? What did that add to the story? How did that effect our characters in any real way?

It kind of felt like a cheap trick that accomplished two things to me.

1. It got a lot of weird, out-of-context imagery for the pre-intro scenes, which could lead you to believe that the cartel was going to blow up Walt's house,

2. It provided a big flashy ending for the second season, even though that ending really doesn't matter in any real way.

So yeah. Anything I'm missing there? It just felt really pointless, and as focused as most of that show is, it was pretty weird that such a major event would happen... And not really matter.


Also, here's more Gale karaoke gifs. You're welcome.


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