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So, i've been playing Rage again...

...and I gotta say, i just love this game to bits. Its just an amazing bit of apocalyptic work! I really dont get some of the utter hate i see from various corners....

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The only two flaws is really has is some horrendous, and I mean truely abysmal, screen tearing issues and the ending is pushing a Borderlands 1 level of cop-out.....

....but aside from those 2 little things, the game is just pure eye candy from start to finish. The quests, I found, are just chock full of different environments in which you fight. This, I think is particularly important, since the game is a very linear shooter but there awalys something jaw-dropping gorgeous around the corner.

I always know a game has amazing art direction when the vast majority of my deaths are due to simply standing there looking in all directions at the scenery as opposed to shooting at the attacking mutant hordes...


and that intro? Wow!

Frankly, I want more Rage badly but apparently, Dishonored was such a big hit that Bethseda will probably be pushing sequel development of that as a priority.


Which sucks mutant balls.

All three of them.

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