Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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So, I've seen Star Trek Into Darkness (NO spoilers)

And unlike other O-deckers, I'm not excited. I didn't really like it. I loved the previous one, but not this one. It was just kinda boring.

(This is going to be a short review cause I don't have a lot of time before my rehearsal.)


For those who have read CJA's review, I half-agree with her. I don't see how this movie was stupid or nonsensical. I found, on the contrary, that the plot held up better than the first one,which relied a lot on coincidence and blind luck. This one had a simpler story line but it was also more solid.

That said, I do agree this film was really all that fun. It's pacing was closer to a standard Star Trek film, which is not all bad. I liked that it slowed down a bit to give us more character moments, but it slowed down a bit too much.


But the biggest mistake this movie made was that the fanservice become so omnipresent it stop being fanservice, and turned into a remake. The story ain't bad, the emotional scenes aren't bad, but I've seen them before. The 2009 Star Trek may have pissed off hardcore Trekkies/Trekkers (don,t know which one to use), but at least it was new and fresh. It bodly went where no men had gone before. This one is just a retread of the original. It's not a explorer's movie, it's an archeologist's movie. I would have had no objection if they had taken the particular story they used as a starting point and did something completly different with it, but no, they stick to it as much as possible, only changing details. And the worst part is - the main "fun factor" of this movie is based on you noticing the difference. This movie really think you're really going to enjoy the fact that this is X and Y is situation Z, but this time the roles are reversed! This a reboot, JJ et al. ,not a Marvel What If! one shot!

I always thought that, has someone who came late into Trek, hardcore Trekkie/Trekkers blind adherence to "Canon" is what killed the franchise (such has the insistence of wanting an in-universe explanation for the Klingon change of appearance, refusing to accept that sometimes, real-life out-of-universe explanation are enough. Sometimes, you have to consider a piece of fiction as a piece of fiction dependent of real-life condition, and not some autonomous entity,) and I fear that by wanting to please those hardcore fans, JJ et al. ruined this movie.

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