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So Let's Talk About The Ending to The Good Place

Michael Schur’s thirteen episode fantasy comedy ended its first season today with a special one-hour presentation. The show, about a woman named Eleanor (Kristen Bell) who died and finds herself mistakenly in “the Good Place” when she wasn’t really that good in life, ended with a bombshell of a twist. So let’s talk about.


I wanted to call this thread “The Monster at the End of This Show: or the Unbearable Evilness of Ted Danson,” but that would have given away the entire game. But seriously: THEY WERE IN THE BAD PLACE ALL ALONG. Sweet Mary, Mother of God.

And knowing that they were in the Bad Place specifically designed so that they were torture each other means that so much stuff that didn’t much sense now makes sense. Two Eleanor Shellstrops getting killed at the exact same time at the same place is improbable and Michael said it never happened in the history of the Good Place...and it still hasn’t. That was a lie. Hell, Real Eleanor is actually named Vicki.

And Jason Mendoza? Even more improbable that he would be mistaken for a Buddhist monk who wasn’t even dead. And he wasn’t. It was all a lie, designed to torture him. Or, rather, designed so that he would be tortured by others and torture others in turn.

And the flashbacks to Tahani and Chidi’s lives makes so much more sense — Tahani did everything out of jealously of her sister, while Chidi let indecisiveness ruin his life and eventually kill him. They all belong in the Bad Place.


Now the question is: how are they going to get out? Because despite everything, Eleanor is the smart one. She’s the one who actually improved and brought them all together. She even left a message for herself to “Find Chidi” after Evil Michael erased their memories and reset everything like a set of evil dominoes. But the next season can’t play out exactly like the first, so what’s going to happen? How can they possibly escape the Bad Place? Is that even possible?

I can’t wait to find out.

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