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Reckoning is out on Xbox 360, and maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe PC/PS3 soonish? If you've been playing it, who's your favourite new class so far?

I've tried the two I've unlocked, the Talon Merc and the Awakened Collector (700k spent on PSPs and Reserves packs, and those were the only two new ones I got, curse you RNG!) - and I'm a little disappointed in the Talon Merc despite the awesome Omni-Bow. Even specced into as much damage as possible, and with a bunch of gear/strength boosters to amp it further, it didn't really have the impact I expected it to - I had more luck not using my powers to give the Bow AP/Chill/Concussion effects. I was getting a lot of hitching on releasing the focused bolt too, which, thanks to taking Omni-Bow damage over shield increases in the Mastery tree, lead to my poor little Talon lying face down an awful lot. When it works, it's satisfying, but he feels oddly weedy even with a ton of damage modifiers.


But man, the Collector is AWESOME. Didn't take Seeker Swarms - seem to have decent survivability for a squishy Adept, even without the swarms giving DR - just Dark Channel and Dark Sphere maxed out, and with a 200% recharge rate he is super fun. The feeling of seeing your Dark Sphere floating into a crowd of enemies, dealing heavy DoTs, before you detonate it and get 4+ One shot kills in a hail of Prothean-green explosions is super satisfying. Definitely advise having as high a Recharge rate as possible though, because understandably, the cooldown times on his abilities are really lengthy. 

So, who are you enjoying so far, or are you cursing the RNG/your timezone?

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