Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So Megathreads and Reaction Threads are also TV Recaps?

I think I’m getting old, no really. ‘Cause when I’m looking for “TV Recap,” that’s what I’m expecting. I assumed Megathreads and Reaction Threads were more like spoilery places to go to get all Spoilers McSpoilerson.

On that note, as the cosmic radiation that leaks through the viewing windows on our Observation Deck and continues to mutate and evolve our lingo, are there any other words and phrases I should know about?


Now that I think about it, do we have a spot to record things like the lingo for newbies? Or has Kinja closed off our membership?

Man, if we only had a way to make something “sticky” on the top or side of little “forum” that would be convenient, no?

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