Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled So Mr. Ivriniel tried the ghost pepper I grew...

So back in the early summer, I was at a local plant nursery, and saw they were selling ghost pepper plants. I picked one up because Mr. Ivriniel is a spicehead, and it produced 1 pepper. (Apparently they start out slow, and once they produce one or two peppers they produce more. It now has 5 or 6 flower buds on it. It's going under the grow lamp to see if we can get any more.)

Anyways, so it's been sitting on Mr. Ivriniel's desk ever since I picked it. Today he decided to have a little of it. Next thing I know, I look out the kitchen window to see him kneeling on back porch. I go out to see if he is ok. He says he is ok, but he has his mouth open, and is just drooling all over the ground like crazy. After about 10 minutes like this, he came back in the house, and announced:

"I think I just saw God."

Me: "Did he tell you to find your soul mate?"

Mr. I: "You are she, so..."



Soulmate or not, there's no way I'm having a piece of that thing.

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