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In this week's Intruders Jack and his wife have a serious discussion about their relationship. She drops a few surprises on him and Jack doesn't take the news well. Spoilers ahead.

"Bound" is very Rose-centric. First she sends Richard to verify the new identity of her jazz musician lover. Then she deals with Jack.


He has been busy searching their house and finds divorce papers, Rose's secret stash of "9" books and assorted small objects.

In a completely obvious reveal the neighbor couple turns out to be Qui Reverti as well. They're supposed to run Jack out of town but botch the job. Rose has to step in and take matters into her own hands.

Rose tells Jack the Amy he knew is gone. She explains the objects he found are triggers for her past lives. She says she doesn't love him like Amy did. Then comes the big bomb - Rose caused the miscarriage of Amy and Jack's baby.


It's clear Rose is trying to drive Jack away and accept the divorce. But Jack says "I will never let her go." And just when things seemingly couldn't get more awkward, Jack finds the baby's body buried in the back yard.

Jack is getting a bit unhinged and he has a history of violence so I don't think this is going to end well for anyone.


This was the meat of the episode but a few other things happened too.

  • Richard has tracked down Rose's old lover, now in the body of a waiter. Richard tries one last time to talk Rose out of a major breach of Qui Reverti rules but Rose wants what she wants. So Rose triggers the soul of the jazz musician.
  • No actual Madison/Marcus this week but they are around in spirit since...
  • Madison's parents drive to Seattle to find her instead of notifying the police that their missing daughter made contact. They find the body of the current house owner and finally call the police. The Seattle detective recognizes the MO and is thinking the serial killer he chased nine years ago may be back.
  • This episode was written by show creator Glen Morgan and his wife Kristen Cloke. I was wondering if she was going to be involved with the show but I was expecting it to be in front of the camera.

Image from the BBC America Intruders site.

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