So, my 6 y/o daughter loves super heroes. Like, loves them. When we're all playing Lego Batman 2, she gets so excited when we bust out WW or Black Canary or Batgirl that sometimes I wonder if she's going to pee herself.

She also hates to read. Like, hates to even try to try to read. Part of it is autism, part of it may be a comorbid learning disability (I've noticed she has trouble telling certain letters and numbers apart). I've been trying to get her even a little interested in books, but it usually ends in tears and frustration and general unhappiness for everybody. The last thing I want is for her to forever associate reading with frustrated crying, but she's got to learn to read.

So, comic books. There's a pretty good line of Imaginext DC Super Friends Early Reader books that my son likes, but the abbreviated JL lineup is all dudes, and she's got no time for male superheros. Zero interest.

My question is: are there any good all-ages superheroine titles? Or even not all that great all-ages female superhero titles?