Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So, "Rapunzel as..." is a thing?

It's always interesting to see all of the randomness that shows up in Google Images when searching for something else entirely. Apparently people love photoshoping Rapunzel as their favorite literary heroines. Found a bunch of intriguing ones, but no Rapunzel as Lisbeth - so far anyway.


I guess I'd seen a few of these images before, but I was surprised by how many their are. Then again, I guess it helps to have a pleasingly generic face.

Normally I'd link back to the original image, but I can't seem to find originators for these Rapunzel images (other than Disney, of course). Most of these images say "WeAreShadowHunters" on them, so maybe they originated here?

Either way, enjoy and identify the literary character.


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