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Twice, even. Because that’s what everybody has been missing from Star Trek Discovery to get into the Star trek mood. “Fucking Cool.” No. It ain’t. Discovery Spoilers.

Also - more brutal violence, Harry Mudd turning from lovingly eccentric and fun to grim, dark and sociopathic. (Yeah. Sure. Use “To boldly go” as an insult. THAT’s very helpful to make you more sympathetic, STD.)

Also - THIS is a Klingon D7 cruiser


This is not.

You’re making it increasingly hard to forgive continuity errors if you give specific names of ships.

Also also: Klingons and humans DO have the right amount of organs for Sex. We’ve seen half breeds, for crying out loud.


Oh yeah - male Star Fleet officers getting prison raped off-screen by Klingon females. That just happened.


To be fair - while the technobabble explaining it is silly, even by Star Trek standards, I truly liked the Tardigrade story ark. The argument over science vs. military and ethics in treating other species is very Trek. Even thought the solution was telegraphed via Sub Space.

And we get our first gay canon couple. (EDIT - as I’ve been corrected, TV Star Trek’s first gay couple, of course reboot movie Sulu is gay, too.) OK. Nice. Even though I can’t help to be a little depressed that it takes place in an environment that evidently cares so little about being Star Trek in the first place.


Dialogue of the Day

Saru: “Computer - what makes a good Captain?”

Computer: “Huh? What the...?”

Saru: “Show me all the Star Trek Captains we can mention in the show at this point!”


Computer: “O-kayy....”

Saru: “Monitor all of my Captaining. Burnham said a mean thing to me and I’m insecure!”


Computer: “Can’t you just throw Burnham out of an airlock?”

Saru: “Oh, I wish....”

Computer *mumbling*: “I really hope they start hiring counsellors for the ships any time soon. I don’t get paid enough to deal with this shit.”

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