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I'd heard good things about the show on here, so I thought I'd give it a try last night and wound up watching like five episodes in a row of it. I actually went in without having the faintest idea what it was about, which was a nice change. I like it! Some quick thoughts:

* The character designs are just ok, but the backgrounds/color palette are absolutely gorgeous.


* I also really like the chiptune-y music. You don't hear that kind of stuff often in a TV Show, so I really appreciate it.

* The only character that isn't really clicking with me so far is... Uh... Garnet? The red lady. I get that she's supposed to be like the imposing mostly-silent one, but it's just translating to her not really having a character, so far, while the other two have been pretty well defined.

*I feel like I should find Steven himself more annoying than I actually do. He's just so darn energetic, and optimistic. He kind of reminds me of Mabel from Gravity Falls.

*I noticed in one of the episodes that when Pearl activates the door to the temple thing, a pearl in the door glows, moving it. I also noticed there are five gems in that door, which (counting Steven) leaves one more Crystal Gem to be introduced.


*This thing is terrifying.


I take it back. Worst show ever.

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