Can someone explain to me in vague, nonspecific terms why Rob thinks that the reveal at the end of the latest episode was "accidental"? Sorry. Non-book reader here, and asking such a question on the front page may expose me to unintentional revelations. Spoilers for the episode after the jump, but no book spoilers!

So, at the end of the episode, a White Walker collects Craster's last son and brings him to urrr... White Walker homeland(?) where the baby is placed on a pedastal. Another White Walker approaches the baby, holds the baby, and seemingly converts the baby into a White Walker.

Now, from the first sentence of Rob's writeup, it seems like the White Walker character himself is a big deal. Has the show made an error in showing him now? Or is Rob talking about the whole baby thing? If it's that big of a deal, then I definitely do not want to read what Rob's writeup says, but damn curiosity keeps tempting me.