Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So.... That them new Avengers cartoon....Hmm.

I will try to post without give to many spoilers.

Well, it was fast....Let me explain.
The episodes (a two part intro to the show)has insanely quick exposition, but I guess it's based on that people have seen the movies. The action is the main focus, and there are no quiet moments.
Loud and fast, and I didn't give a damn.
It feels like they rushed this two part intro or it was heavily edited just to show the action parts.

The animation is the same as the Ultimate Spider-Man show, which means:

  • Blurry/"realistic" backgrounds unless some action is supposed to happen.
  • Re-used animations for the action.
  • No movement for the character model(looks like someone dragged the character's image across with a mouse).

In other words, kinda feels like they were doing 90's Spider-Man.

On the other hand, the voice cast is pretty good.
Hell, I laughed when I heard Charlie Adler scream as the Red Guy when MODOK went through a wall. My only possible "feels wrong"voices would be Iron Man(but I can get used to it), and Hulk(but it is because he doesn't shut up).

The dialogue really feels dumb, but it comes from Man of Action....Which is usually a hit or miss(man, I miss McDuffie).

Overall, they should really work on it.
I think the problem with the current animation would be based on the character models.
Spectacular and EMH had simpler character structures, and I guess that is why they were more fluent and alive. These are a bit more complex, but they still could give us quality(look at Young Justice.....*tear*).

I am not gonna smack it down early, just gonna see how they do Dracula....just gonna see how they do Dracula.

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