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So that's why the show is called Hannibal

Last night's season finale was a clear reminder who the main character of this show is. Massive spoilerage ahead.

Now we see the results of Hannibal's games. So was he planning to set Will Graham to be framed as a serial killer from the day they met or did the plan evolve over time as Hannibal saw the opportunity? The last two victims* were definitely killed to set up Will. The season ends with the titular character triumphant and his main threat locked up awaiting trial for murder.


They've not just deviated from the book Red Dragon, it's been tossed out the window. Even if Will convinces someone who the real killer is and gets released, he will still have the lingering taint of being seriously suspected of being a serial killer. If someone you knew was arrested for murder and for a time you genuinely believed he was guilty, would you really trust him again even if he was later exonerated? It's hard to see Jack Crawford ever consulting with Will Graham after that. But we'll see what happens next season.

*We haven't seen Abigail's body to confirm she's dead but I'm pretty sure she was the guest of honor at Hannibal's meal with Dr. Du Maurier.

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