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So, the BBC's Atlantis...

Hercules, Jason and Pythagoras walk into a bar...

Okay, not really, but the show does have that kind of feeling. The cast is good and Mark Addy as a lazy-bum Hercules is fantastic. I also loved all of the triangle jokes. It's not as deliciously self aware campy as Sleepy Hollow, but it has the potential to get there. At worst it's Merlin, at best it can be A Knight's Tale.


The real problem this series has is the plot. It's more of the same "unlikely hero with a destiny based on a premonition." Too much exposition, not enough answers, and fight scene that is anti-climatic. And Jason went from modern world everyman to sword-wielding hero in no time. Why does he believe the Oracle, which for all he knows is an old woman hopped up on drugs? He "never felt like he belonged" in the modern world, so clearly a mythical city msut be home?

It's actually similar to Merlin, and the fact that Julian Murphy (Merlin's showrunner) is involved makes me wary, because that went from promising to a "wash, rinse, repeat" formula for the last couple of seasons while completely ignoring character development and all the seeds of interesting plotlines and too much fanservice. At least Atlantis doesn't have a slash dragon. Yet.

I really do hope this show gets better, because it has potential. I'll probably give it a few more episodes.

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