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So, This Happened

Over the weekend, a fellow member of a nerdy Facebook group I moderate posted a video made by an attendee at Anime Expo 2013, because it was something he'd seen on Twitter. The creator of the video (not the member of the FB group) had attached a Go Pro camera to the harness of his costume, practically concealing it, and had then asked for hugs from other cosplayers - female cosplayers - that were wearing revealing costumes. These women did not know they were being filmed before hugging the person wearing the camera. The looks on their faces after they realized....

The video has since been pulled (I wouldn't link to it anyway - I could only watch a minute of it before getting seriously disturbed). My information is that the user made the video private after the backlash, and it's also possible that people reported the video and YouTube yanked it.

A photographer friend of mine who has purchased Go Pro products before contacted the company to alert them to how this asshole was using the camera. At first they said that they can't control how people use their cameras, which is true. But my friend also informed them that this asshole had name-checked Go Pro specifically in the title of his videos (he had one for Anime Expo and one for E3). After that, they said they would look into it immediately and see what could be done.


Another friend of mine who has been monitoring the situation found a response from Anime Expo that indicates that some of the women in the video came forward to make complaints after the video went a little viral - apparently it was linked all over Twitter. Anime Expo has opened up a case with the Los Angeles Police Department. If you happened to be at Anime Expo this year and have any information to offer, you can contact them. Here are some screenshots from Anime Expo's Facebook page:

ETA: Here is a link to my friend's Tumblr account for better images.

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