Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So UPS just dropped off Bioshock: Infinite...

And I'm probably going to have to hold off for a bit. Dog's sleeping peacefully in the corner, I'm a little tired myself, there's some stuff I meant to read last night before falling asleep, and the house is in need of spring cleaning...

Oh, and also the new Mystery Science Theater box set arrived at the same time.

Does anybody else set particular games aside for "the right time"? I remember when Ocarina of Time dropped just before Thanksgiving in 1998, I held off playing the game until the weekend, since before that I had to deal with guests/dinner preparations, and then I must have slept for most of Thursday and Friday. It's always easier to enjoy stuff —especially something that really needs to command your attention— when there's not a lot of distractions around.


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