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So, what do you do with a sea-foam green wall?

As you guys probably know from my posts a few weeks ago, I'm renovating my apartment. It' now (thankfully) almost done. Just waiting on doors (and I've a rant about unreliable contractors, but I just don't have the energy) and kitchen furniture. But I don't know what to do with one of bedroom walls.

I have two bedrooms, and while one has a colour I am very happy with, the other... Well, I picked rather lovely deep turquoise that worked perfectly well on a swatch, not so much in an actual room. So after adding lots of white and mixing in with the colour from the other room and repainting it all twice... well, I can at least look at my walls without going blind.


That would be my bedroom (seeing as I live alone that's rather irrelevant, really) and the colour has turned out way too close to the other one. It's a nice sea-foam green (sort of like this pic), but I would have preferred it to be more blue.

So anyway, I'm looking for a way liven it up a bit, and possibly make it brighter. I'm looking to decorate a sort of nook that's the space above my bed (which is day bed style) I've looked at wall-stickers, but I couldn't find one I really loved. I was also thinking of painting stripes of a lighter colour but those look like they may be a lot of work and very easily to get wrong.

And I'd like something with a bit more of pattern, really. I was also thinking of possibly just have my mom paint something like a mural (she's really good), but again, I can't decide on something, and all of it complicated by the generally bad lighting!


So Odeck, can I get some help from your awesome hive mind powers?

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