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So what will the commercial astronaut wear into space?

Final Frontier Designs seeks to be the leading designer of space suits for commercial spaceflights. Companies like Virgin Galactic have already invested in the firm.

One of the founders, Nikolay Moiseev, formerly worked on space suit design for Zvezda, Russia's national space suit supplier, and was a designer for the current suits worn by the Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station.


Final Frontier's 3G suit (pictured at the top) is the third version of their lightweight space suit.

Some features of the 3G:

  • The suit weighs less than 15lb (6.6kg)
  • The entire suit is a single layer with the exception of the entrance, which is at the chest
  • Carbon fibre waist string also cuts down on weight
  • The helmet doesn't use a "neck disconnect" - which requires other people to attach it - but a new pressure-tight visor system
  • There are 13 points of adjustment so that it can fit most body types
  • The gloves - a crucial part of space suit design - can be used with touchscreens like iPhones and are detachable

The thing I learned today: The Department of Defense technically considers space suits to be weapons.

Read the BBC article here.

Top image from here.

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