Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So what would you ask an astronaut?

Karen Nyberg (PhD, Mechanical Engineering) has one of my dream jobs - Flight Engineer on the International Space Station. This morning she was interviewed on NBC's "Today" show. So what is the main topic of discussion? Her hair.

I get Nyberg's hair has become her signature feature especially after her video demonstrating how she washes it in space. However there is a lot of other stuff going on with the ISS like a spacewalk on Friday (remember the last one didn't go so well) and the recent capture and berthing of the Japanese HTV4 resupply ship (where she controlled the Canadarm2 for the capture).


But let's talk about her hair instead. At least Nyberg managed to get in some information about the necessity of recycling water and other liquids.


Images from @AstroKarenN

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