Oh Parkinson humor, So as an update to my story from Friday. I was able to get out of poetry, going to have to do it on Tuesday, but we did talk about and I think everything on that front is better. But something even weirder happen I could have never expected. So we go out after dinner to meet here friends for drinks at this tequila bar restaurant place. So I meet all of her old friends from her old work and two friends I have meet all ready one of which we will call Mrs. x. So later in the evening after a couple of drinks sense it is all girls and me they want me to take pictures. So I say say sure. I take the pictures and give Mrs x. her phone back. She says "these picture are terrible" then I joke "Well you shouldn't ask the guy with Parkinson to take your pictures". Now before I go on know comedy is my and making fun of myself is kinda my default defense mechanism. She goes "You don't have Parkinson put your hand out." So I do. I am shaking but not horrible because I have been drinking most of the night which is what slows down the Parkinson and makes me shake less. She then slaps my hand and says "Get out of here with that shit your full of shit" and walks off. Well my girlfriend see all this walks up to me and says don't worry about Mrs. X is drunk and she is crazy. I just stood there in udder befuddlement not knowing what to do so I got another beer laughed it off and had a great rest of the night. So morale of the story no matter where I go somebody may say are do something stupid because of my Parkinson and my girlfriend is cool with it so I just need to do what I always do and role with the punches. So long story short, I am TOTTALY not sweating going to pottery now.