...when it comes to coming off like a mysterious evil organization, like AIM or SPECTRE or ROACH?

Of course, I'm talking about Google's new mysterious floating installation in San Francisco. No one knows what it is except for select Google and SF city personnel. The most plausible theory is that it's floating data center that uses sea water for cooling, or it could be a Google Glass store, which sounds even more insane than the first, really.

Google's clearly the real-life Skynet though, right? They have a hand in pretty much everyone's online data: anything from people's preferences, locations, and their darkest internet proclivities. Google already has self-driving cars that actually work and has a hand in urban infrastructure from owning utilities companies. It also has direct connection to the world's most popular smartphone operating system which comes with Google's advanced heuristic program that many people use everyday, which is rumored to be upgraded with a voice recognition engine that's said to run continuously, much like the one on Moto X.


And to make it more unsettling, Google also recently founded a bio-tech research company that intends to research immortality.

As interesting as they are, each moon-shot program Google launches makes it seem more and more insidious everyday.