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So who read Batgirl #35?

Because I thought it was pretty awesome, and I'm really excited to see more from the new creative team... But at the same time, I feel like all the discussion I heard about this book happened before the actual book came out.

It's interesting, so often with these creative jumps/shifts in direction, the books try to immediately jump into some big story (examples: Snyder's Court of Owls) to give the team something big to show off with. This is the opposite of that. In terms of superhero stories, it's really small-scale. Heck, large parts of the book feel like a college slice-of-life story which just happens to have superheroes in it.


If this first issue is anything to go by, it seems the book is really going to focus on social issues, not just punching out supervillains, and that's pretty exciting. The writing felt sharp and fun, and I like the art a lot. Also, from what I can gather that's not the opinion the internet thinks I'm supposed to have on that matter. *Shrug*

This is definitely a very different tone that I've gotten from most of what DC is producing right now. I like it, but the smaller scale— It actually kind of reminded me of the webcomic Strong Female Protagonist in the way it seems to be more about superheroes and social issues, and considering how much I like Strong Female Protagonist (poor title aside), that's high praise.

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