Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Some random musings. SPOILERS

I feel like Rick could have won more of the other side over if he had mentioned the fact that the Governor had SLAUGHTERED HIS LAST GROUP. Seriously. I was waiting for him to bust that fact out the whole time. He could have gotten a lot more of them to stop listening to the bastard and stopped fighting.

This is really where we should have been by the end of last season. As good as most episodes of this season has been so far, they didn't need half a season to explain away Rick not being crazy anymore.



What the hell did the Governor have against Herschel?

They faked me out good by having walkers behind Daryl. Although I don't know about using a walker as a shield, despite how badass it was.

Did I miss the scene where Judith was killed? I remember the kids taking her to the bus, but that was the last time before the scene where Rick and Carl saw her basket

I ended up hating every single member of the Governor's group after he killed Herschel. Some were decent people, but I almost ended up cheering when they were killed off (God I'm a horrible person). I was waiting and hoping for them to have that "Oh shit we're following a crazy person" moment like in the comics, but nope.


Please oh please don't let them do another ghost Lori thing with the phone calls like in the comics.

When Michonne didn't finish off the Governor, I groaned thinking they would be bringing him back. Thank you TV!Lily.


Although why the hell did she kill him anyway?

They seem to be going back to following the comic book more now, but I can't decide if that's a good or bad thing.


Daryl took the news of Carol's banishment from the group well.

I like that Carol's protege's were the ones to save Tyreese. I hope that comes up later.


I'm watching Talking Dead now, and they keep saying that so many people died, but the only 2 (main) characters I can remember being killed were Herschel and Judith. Maybe some random, unimportant group members, but no-one else.

I guess we have to suffer through an episode or 2 of Carl being the focus of the show in February while Rick recovers. UGH!


I'm happy they're on the road again, based on the preview. Although I guess that means it'll be a few episodes before they all meet up again. The season will probably end with them all at Herschel's farm. And then Season 5 will have them meander around for a few episodes before starting on the road to DC either at the season break or the season finale.

Infinite ammo makes a re-appearance. Seriously, where the hell are they getting all this ammo from? At least in the comics they've started making it (at least from what I remember they were starting to make it).


Did they ever explain who was feeding the Walkers? Or is that going to just be unresolved?

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